Saturday, May 30, 2009

WHY chocolate ampalaya..??

CHOCOLATE. tsokolate in Filipino. sweet. recommended for the happy, excited or even for those whose hearts are/were broken. too much ingestion would cause abnormal rise of endorphins and/or obesity.

AMPALAYA. for those living under a rock, this is also called as bitter gourd. a vegetable who's apparently not cool enough to be included in the song Bahay Kubo. i think you get it already.

in a nutshell, if life would be turned into a food it'll be a freakishly flavored chocolate. just like the ones being sold at Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogsmeade. imagine being forced to have a bite of a chocolate covered ampalaya. it IS almost inedible.

sweet and creamy...... then *@%#&>@%`!!!!

but as humans, instinct tells us that after that bitter, icky taste, we must take another bite to wash off that awful taste in order to experience again the dreamy sweetness of the chocolate.

too bad we can't spit it out and all we can do is swallow and endure it to get to that next bite. the cycle goes on. and that's life for us. for what it's worth, and as cliche as it is, life indeed is bittersweet.


i apologize for the poor manipulation of the image above.

this is just as much as my talent in paint (yes, paint) can come up with.

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